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M3P Consulting delivers lean integrated IT solutions and strategies to help data reliant organizations operate more efficiently, profitably and independently. Backed by ISO 9001 certification, our advanced processes deliver perfectly adapted technology solutions to help clients secure maximum benefit from their IT investments, reduce risks and increase control over their operations. Let us show you the advantages of lean infrastructure for your evolving business.











Stratégie et gouvernance

Effective, well-aligned IT Strategies

VYour IT investments should be driven by well-defined strategies and the kind of agile governance that will ensure your business can adapt quickly to rapidly changing conditions. Developing an effective, well-aligned IT strategy requires a detailed analysis of where your organization is today and what it needs to be ready for the future. Powered by our proven, ISO 9001:2008-certified process, we provide detailed audits and assessments of your technology infrastructure to produce actionable strategic and master plans, workflows and frameworks for effective ongoing IT governance.

Our IT Strategy & Governance Consulting Services Include:


  • Technology, Security and Workflow audits
  • Analysis & Recommendations:
  • Opportunity, profitability feasibility studies


  • Business, Strategic and Master Plan Creation & Management
  • IT Asset & Document Management


  • Needs, costs, maintenance plan and sustainability plan

Planning & Design

Planning & Design

A well-planned and designed IT infrastructure is essential to ensuring business performance, scalability and upgrade readiness. Is your current IT architecture lean and flexible enough to evolve and grow your business quickly? Moving through the assessment, strategy and development phases, M3P can help define and deliver a realistic, organizationally aligned plan for your evolving information & communications technology architecture project. We design flexible, scalable models designed around industry best practices and our proven, ISO 9001:2008 certified approach.

M3P IT Infrastructure Planning & Design consulting services include:

  • Detailed technology & resource needs assessment and budgeting
  • Complete enterprise information & communications technology architecture design
  • IT Infrastructure optimization and consolidation
  • Technology Procurement and market tender (RFI/RFP) process

Deployment & Implementation

Deployment & Implementation

While the technological components of any network are essential, how they are architected, implemented and deployed makes all the difference in ensuring scalability and reliably high performance. Whether deploying a distributed fiber network, a VoIP telephony system or an onsite data warehouse, M3P provides critical guidance from the first mile to the last focused on realizing the infrastructure to support your virtual operations.

M3P IT Deployment and Implementation consulting services include:

  • Definition of key performance indicators (IT environments, call center, etc.).
  • Deployment of Implementation Dashboard
  • Optimization of IT services and operations
  • Establishment of efficient processes
  • Monitoring and management of third party service contracts
  • Project management

IT Project Management

IT Project Management

Ensuring a flexible, strategically-aligned IT environment means creating and building collaborative project culture that involves all stake holders. M3P brings decades of experience designing and managing complex IT projects through an evolved approach that inspires and empowers teams, builds collaborative synergies and propels quality execution through proven agile project management methodologies. Backed by decades of project management experience, deep and diverse domain expertise and our coveted ISO 9001:2008 certification our IT project management services stand in a class by themselves.

M3P IT Project Management consulting services include:

  • Project portfolio and program management
  • Project management
  • Change management and internal communication plans
  • Project risk management

Purchasing & Logistics

Purchasing & Logistics

The rapid advancement of new technologies makes it difficult for businesses for whom IT is not a core competency to make well informed decisions. What are the best components and who are the most reliable, cost effective suppliers. M3P extends its deep domain expertise to give clients a distinct advantage in the sourcing, purchasing and logistics of their IT infrastructure investments on the best components and suppliers.

  • Definition and validation of project requirements
  • Determination of project and applicant constraints (schedule, budget, issues, etc.)
  • Change management and internal communication plans
  • Contract negotiations
  • Project Risk Management

Operations & Performance

Operations & Performance

Just as businesses and organizations measure the return on their information technology investments on their ability to propel their overall strategic and business objectives, M3P measures its success on identifying the technology solutions that offer the best performance (TCO, ROI, etc.). Using a organization's current infrastructure performance as a benchmark, M3P not only helps you plan, buy and implement the right technologies, but helps to ensure that they remain a key asset in the improved performance and success of your business.

Our Operations & Performance Services Include:

  • Audits of IT services and infrastructure
  • Definition of key performance indicators (IT environments, call centers, etc.).
  • Optimization of IT services and operations
  • Implementation of dashboard
  • Implementation of efficient business processes
  • Electronic document management
  • Implementation of industry standards including ITIL, COBIT, PMI





Technology Expertise

As information technologies rapidly evolve and converge, data-reliant organizations are increasingly on the hunt for innovative ways to unify and improve the performance of their IT infrastructure. And while migrating to new technologies is essential to ensuring competitive advantage, the high cost and potential disruption of a major infrastructure projects can be prohibitive. Working with only best-in-class IT/ICT technologies and OEMs like Cisco, Microsoft in key areas, M3P provides the essential expertise to deliver true unified information technology solutions based on the principles of lean, agile IT design, delivery and management.







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    Martin Miron Ing.

    Associate Chairman


    [email protected]

    Entrepreneur, engineer, project management guru and founder of M3P, Martin Miron brings decades of experience to his clients across diverse fields from telecommunications to healthcare. A systems and software engineer at some of thew countries leading technology firms including Ericsson. Cognicase and Videotron Miron’s hands-on results-oriented philosophy brings practical insights and big picture thinking to every infrastructure project from the smallest to the largest. While unified communications has been driving professional passion, his unique ability to translate the deep technological expertise

    Here is a summary of Miron’s key areas of expertise:

    • Superior strategic planning and execution of enterprise infrastructure projects
    • Excellence in developing key project documentation (strategic, tactical and operational)
    • Rapid grasp of the technical challenges
    • Very good knowledge of a wide range of technologies and business processes
    • Expert integrator of mobility, networking, wireless, unified communications and security


    Martin Paquin, ing.

    Director General Partner 


    [email protected]

    With a master’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Montreal, and a focus on technology project management, Paquin has nearly 15 years of experience in the information technology. Founder of M3P, Paquin has turned his focus on client successes delivered in collaboration with the company’s hand-picked team of experts, With clients ranging from healthcare to municipal government and telecommunications. Paquin brings his clients a passion for unified communications and lean IT and his deep expertise in technology infrastructure, complex integrations and project management.

    Here is a summary of Paquin’s key skills:

    • Specialization in managing complex technology projects
    • Excellent analytical skills in determining business needs of the client
    • Excellence in developing key project documentation (strategic, tactical and operational)
    • Solid experience in the process of technology procurement and negotiation with suppliers
    • Experience in human resources sourcing, management, mentoring and knowledge
    • ETraining ITIL V3


    Stéphane Perreault

    Principal Director, Business Development  


    [email protected]

    Passionné et présent depuis plus de 20 ans dans le secteur des technologies de l’information. Capacité à faire preuve de leadership dans la mise en marché de solutions technologiques innovantes et de services conseils auprès de la grande entreprise ainsi que dans les secteurs public et parapublic.

    Expert dans le développement des relations d’affaires avec les responsables de l’informatique et les cadres supérieurs. Spécialiste créatif et performant dans le développement stratégique de nouveaux clients.

    Mes principaux domaines d’expertise, sans toutefois s’y limiter, couvrent les affaires électroniques, l’intelligence d’affaires, la sécurité informatique, les infrastructures technologiques, les services gérés incluant les solutions infonuagiques ainsi que plusieurs solutions du domaine applicatif

    Marie-Thérèse Guérin Ing.

    Finance Director 


    [email protected]

    Mme Guérin possède plus de 15 années d’expérience à titre de gestionnaire de la recherche, du développement et des finances dans différentes organiastions. Elle est responsable des activés entourant la certification ISO 9001 :2008 de la firme. Elle s’occupe également de la gestions des finances et des relations avec les fournisseurs et partenaires de la firme M3P. Elle a une approche basée la gestion des attentes et sur l’atteinte des résultats.